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An introduction


I'm a forestry graduate student, now on leave of absence to get my life together, who has come fully to Asatru this past summer. I've been sewing for years and I dabble in woodworking as well. I seem to be capable of sewing anything as long as it is a variant of what my friends call a viking t-dress. It was the second thing I learned to sew and I have turned that basic pattern into some fairly long dresses.

What patterns do you guys use? What are your inspirations for ornamentation? If I can figure out pictures, perhaps I will put up an image of my cranberry dress.

I'm curious as to other people's sources, as I am only now finding the time to start exploring my craftiness more fully.

Looking forward to seeing what other people are up to.
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Apron dresses! Super easy, and they take almost no fabric!
Funny I was at the crown when Thorsen won. Man have I been out of touch and not been using the web or the resources of the SCA effectively.

Svava's pattern is more flattering, IMO.
wehre in the east are you? I recently moved into the philla area and I'm just starting to get active again... Huzzah from Ealdormere(ONT, canada)*g*
I'm in Blacksburg VA.

My family live in MD and my husband and other family live in MA. So I do a fair amount of travel through Philly.

I've been working my butt off on graduate school and am on a leave so I'm thinking of upping my SCA activity as well.

My village/household is late period scottish, meaning there is a lot of elizabethan going around. So far my camp clothes are all modified v-t's 'cause they are what I know.
elizabethan has its place but in some ways its more effort thanits worth. I feel at home in viking/norse, but I also love corsets with a great and firey passion.
I concur. I could live in viking/norse, but for village and court functions I up it to elizabethan. I have two corsets that I bought and love and have gotten good comments on. I would love to make one myself, but I'm thinking of starting with a new skirt, after some new and maybe more formal camp clothes.
if you want corset advice, ping my aim. I have made about... gods 6 or 8 from scratcha tt his point. some day wehn I have some time, I am going ot take a crack at an Effigy Corsette. I have heard that they are wicked comfy, but oh, the diagonal boning and teh time consumingness.
Definitely! I'll keep that in mind. I made a body block and was going to start, but then school ate my life.

Corset is after I warm up on some other projects.
Well, my home of record is in Canton of the Towers, Barony of Carolingia (northeastern MA), but I'm currently at Fort Dix, NJ, getting ready to deploy to Iraq.
Im an SCA period seamstress and I specialize in norse and saxon styles - norse is my all time favcorite. I am looking for a good way to make a pleated fine linnen kirtle as alot of the reconstructions I have seen show them that way. I dont tend to do the t dress(based off teh bog tunic no?) I prefer the apron dress look wher ehte wrapped and pinne dapron over the kirtle is basically a testament to wealth.

I htink my favorite thing about sewing in the period is really that I get to play with color and loud combos. I have a goose turd green brown and purple wool for example that makes me happy deep down inside.
As I mentioned earlier I'm looking forward to upping my SCA activity and getting back into sewing more than 4 pieces of garb, not for me, a year.

Looking forward to trying to make something for myself. Do you dye your own wool?
I wish. I have neither time money or my own house, so no. I do not weave or dye as of yet. I would love to learn how to do both though.
In an apartment myself. I have dyed a fair amount of cotton and if I had some raw or white wool, I might consider doing that as well. But. . .time, effort, space, mess, prevent that at the moment.