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Hello, I'm new to all the journal and finding this here was a lovely surprise. I used to do a lot of cross-stitch, I particularly liked the Mirabillia and Wenztler patterns. Through the Pagan Federation and later Northern Tradition I met others interested and we had a group to swap patterns and get help and tips. I started designing pagan samplers for births, handfastings, passings and festivals. This was in the early '90s, I lost all my graph paper designs in a move which was very traumatic. I'd love to learn how to use the software and redesign some of those. Most of the special pieces were done for people outside family, friends and Hof so I won't see them again.

My eyesight is too bad to do much now. One of my unfinished projects is a banner which I want to complete. I'm learning how to use a digital camera and will post pics soon. I'm going to need a lot of help.

I've been pagan as long as I know. I was initiated in Traditional and Gardnerian wicca in '80s then I found the Northern Tradition. Main spirit contacts Uller, Holder, Hella and Idisia. This year I'm drawn to Nehellenia. Being born in Hornsea and living in Hull h(ULL), I tend to write and speak Yorkshire so had a lot of fun with the Odinist male scholars trying to impose their spellings, runes and beliefs on me. Though not as active in the pagan world as I once was I still have a loose link with the Holderness Wild Hunt.

I worked with disturbed children for 13 yrs, in that time I was very close to Holder, I feel she is responsible for the souls that nobody else wants, the aborted, disabled (who would have been exposed when times were hard) and those who killed themselves. Doing the work confirmed I didn't want my own children. In some ways I feel I've been put into the crone role early at 44 but in a good way. Its great to keep a link with people you have shared things with so there a couple of initiators and a few I've worked with that still keep me on my toes psychically and spiritually.

I needed a dose of lighter, brighter energy and the last few years have been interesting. Looking forward to hearing some of your stories and can't wait to get working on that banner again.
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